Wednesday, 8 August 2007


A Real Ale bike ride

It's all over! 2766 miles, 36 days, 50 or so counties, 21 breweries, and a lot of rubbish weather.

(The photo above is actually us at the end. Not much jubilation but then Land's End is a bit rubbish.)

We started on June 2nd at Land's End and finished on July 10th after a 5 week odyssey through the dismal and depressing June weather. It was meant to be a LEJOGLE taking in the 4 compass points of the mainland, but we missed out Lowestoft due to severe weather warnings so only 3 compass points were seen. We did visit Lizard Point (south), Dunnett Head (north) and the Point of Ardnamurchan (west) as well as Land's End twice and John O'Groats.

The Diary is currently being written and can be found by using the links on the left of the page.

You can find out who we are by clicking these links, firstly myself, Tom, and my cousin, Sam, (beware it is mostly nonsense). And you can find out why we did it here Why????????


* click on this photo to be magically transported to the charity page*

One of the aims of this trip was to raise money and awareness for our two chosen charities - the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance and the British Heart Foundation. You can read more about them, as well as our reasons for supporting them, by following this link - charity and you can donate to these excellent causes by clicking on the links above. Much more donated offline than online at the moment, but if you are reading this and find the diary (when I get that far) interesting or amusing please give a fiver to one of the causes.

Other Bits

We visited 21 breweries during our trip, from Dog House Brewery in Cornwall to Inveralmond Brewery in Perth. Visit the breweries page to find out more about this element of the trip

2766 miles, 50+ counties, 20 miles of climbing...........................
The whole route can be found by clicking
this link and it has maps and profiles of each day

Other Nutters

LeJog Fundraiser - 6 women from Oxfordshire raising cash for Cancer Research, Epilepsy Action and Helen and Douglas House. Much better reason for doing the trip than ours. Take a look.

Georgie's Trip - A solo, self-sufficient, effort for Macmillan Cancer research. Inspiring.

Jonny Muir - Yep, this bloke must be proper nuts. He finished last year, but I thought I would include it as it is very interesting. 92 counties, 92 peaks, 92 days. Possibly unique and certainly unusual.

Other Links

Ultimate Land's End to John O'Groats list

Final note
Email me at if you have any questions about the trip or have anything you would like to add. All feedback welcome.

And feel free to leave a comment in the comments box just below this sentance.